“…So like, what is
The Rival Run™?”

About The Rival Run™

The Rival Run™ started because people are so passionate about their teams – and when it comes to their rivals – we can be downright FANATICS.

A few former collegiate athletes and friends realized that where there is tremendous passion – either positive or negative – there is a tremendous opportunity to do good. We want to create an amazing new way for fans to experience the rivalry game – and make a difference!

How it works

Get ready for an amazing day! The Rival Run™ begins with a DIVIDED start line separated by only a few yards distance. Each team with a side. Once the run begins the course joins – and as fans we become united in our fight to support the causes in our community. At the end of your 5K run get a medal (you earned it) and party with us as we celebrate the big game!

The Rival Run™ is for everyone!

Participants of The Rival Run™ get:

Other Notes

The Rival Run™ is a rain or shine event. Dress up in costume – or create a team. We can’t wait to see you at “The Kickoff”!