Find passionate fans and add important causes for good!

The Rival Run™ is not a charity. We promote “for profit” events and our team strives to deliver amazing, well executed events as the best way to make your experience one you will never forget.

The Rival Run™ is not a charity. We are a for-profit event company that delivers amazing events designed to capture and celebrate the spirit of sports rivalries in a brand new way.

Our mission is to harness the passion of each rivalry to raise awareness and funding for important causes (which vary from event to event) while accomplishing more than we could on our own.


Does The Rival Run give to charity?

The Rival Run™ events each select one or more charitable causes. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to raise funds for and bring local awareness to our charity partners. We also contribute in the following ways:


Are the Tickets I buy Tax Deductible?

Tickets to The Rival Run™ are not tax deductible. If you donate directly to one of our partners 100% of your donation is tax deductible.



If you know a charity that is doing great work in your community and want to suggest we link up, please email us at and give us information about your charity suggestion!