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The Rival Run™ Fitness Challenge is for people of all ages. With 3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) everyone can have a colorful blast and push their limits!

We offer 2 additional fitness levels if you want to take it extra easy or want to go BEAST MODE! Printed cards with these fitness levels will be available upon request at the CHECK IN area.

Want to practice at home? You can see the Fitness Challenge stations here:

After checking in at The Rival Run™ you can rock out at the main stage or jump in the start line. Proceed through the start chute to each of the 5 Fitness Stations – leaving each station a little more colorful than when you started.

Once you have completed the last station you’ll head to the FINISH area and be awarded your FINISHER MEDAL! You deserve it! Only participants who complete the Fitness Challenge are eligible to receive the 2016 Rival Run Finisher Medal.

What are you waiting for? Anyone can finish the fitness challenge – and you can push yourself to the next level! Grab your tickets to The Rival Run™ and let’s go!